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I am Stephanie Parrott.

I am a Ghostwriter.

I am a Content Creator.

I am a Book Coach.

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Hello 👋 I'm Stephanie Parrott.

I’m a Ghostwriter, Content Creator, and Book Coach. After 10 years in the entertainment industry, in front of and behind the camera, I started using the storytelling skills I acquired to help others tell their life-transforming stories as well.

If you’ve landed here on my website, it’s probably because you’ve said to yourself or someone else countless times, “I need to write a book!” Or maybe you've realized that having a blog or well-written social media content could catapult your business to the next level? Either way, I'm glad you're here and I'm eager to save you the time and unnecessary stress that staring at a blinking cursor can add to your life.

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Why I'm Different?

Other than my incredible wit (I think I’m pretty funny), striking beauty (my mother suggested this), and disturbingly high IQ (I have no idea what my I.Q. is)...Here are a few other reasons why I'm different..."


Yes. Due to the nature of privacy that exists in Ghostwriting, I only provide writing samples upon request, via email.

If you scroll down to the section labeled, “Workflow & process”, this section explains it all!

Each project is different, but depending on the length of your book, an entire first draft can be completed as early as 10-12 weeks.

No. Once you pay for the Ghostwriting services, that’s it. This is also stated and made final in the Writers Agreement signed by both of us.

Absolutely not. Ghostwriters take zero credit for your book. You only mention this if you desire to.

As part of my writing package, I help all of my authors come up with at least one month of social media posts (anywhere from 4-8 posts) in order to promote their books. These are short-form Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter posts. If you would like more than that, there is an additional fee.

After the first chapter, I like to discuss whether or not my clients like the direction that the writing is going. If you are unsatisfied, I will rewrite the chapter to your liking.

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Workflow & Process

Simple work process of build your design. Delivering work within time and budget which meets client’s requirements is our moto.

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