Bible Study! Colossians 1:15-20

Here is a bible study I did last week on Facebook live! I’m going to eventually do them specifically for my blog but the first two I’ve done (just the last two weeks) I did them live on Facebook. I hope you can access this link from here. If not and you’d like to see it, please send me an email or friend me on Facebook for access 🙂

Why We Need A Savior

For a long time, I never understood what it actually meant for Jesus to die for my sins. I guess I thought of it from a sort of abstract perspective. But once I started studying and seeking for myself, I discovered that the reason is very concrete and very real.

My video, “Why We Need A Savior”, is part of a series of videos I want to do, getting back to the basics of what it means to believe in and have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ because, let’s be honest, Christianity (due to a ton of bad theology, the hypocrisy of man and several other reasons) doesn’t really do The Most High any justice. Unfortunately, people are unable to separate the religion from the reality, which is; if you take away all religions and spiritual practices in the world, The Creator of All Things and His Son would still exist.  Getting to know about Him and what He expects from us isn’t a religion. It’s a matter of eternal life or death ❤