My Writing Services

Greetings! My name is Stephanie Parrott and I’m a Book Coach, Ghostwriter, and Story Consultant. After 10 years in the entertainment industry-in front of and behind the camera- I started using the storytelling skills I acquired to help others tell their life-transforming stories as well.

Which brings me here to you today! Whether it be via books, blogs, or digital video, I can help bring your story to life so that it can do what it’s meant to do: transform the lives of others.

I currently offer the following services:

Ghostwriting:  You have a story to share that can encourage and transform the lives of hundreds or maybe even thousands of people! But there’s just one thing: you’re not a writer, and the idea of having to sit down and put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard is the only thing stopping you. This is where I come in! I have helped people from all walks of life  (from medical professionals to stay-at-home moms) pen their stories in the form of:

  • Books
  • Blog Posts
  • Digital video content

Book Coaching and Story Consulting: When people ask me how book coaching and story consulting work, I tell them it’s like two things: building a home from the ground up or renovating it.

  • Book Coaching is for you if you desire to tell your story via book but, you have no idea where or how to begin. I  help:
  • Develop your story and establish theme/main points
  • Identify your target audience
  • Come up with the perfect title
  • Establish chapters and sub-headings
  • Provide info on publishing, editors, and cover art for finished product
  • Provide 1-hr coaching sessions per chapter
  • Story consulting is included
  • Expand word count if needed
  • Create a digital marketing strategy for social media platforms
  • Transcripts are provided for 1 hour coaching sessions
  • Story Consulting is for the person who has already created and written their story but feels they need help adding more detail, depth, clarity, and/or my specialty – humor!

Content Editing:  Sticking with the real estate analogy, Content Editing would be likened to putting the final interior decorating touches and curb appeal on that new home! This service is for you if your story is already written but you’d like a critical and creative eye on your manuscript to spruce things up a bit!

Content Marketing: Once your book is complete, you’re going to have to let the world know the story they’ve been waiting for is here! I can help you craft messages via digital video, blog posts, and social media content that gives your target audience a preview of what they can expect when they purchase your book.

On-Camera Personality Coaching: If you’re someone who desires to use online video to create visibility around your brand but your on-camera presence could use a little help, I can help you with that. From the scripting of your dialogue to the cadence of your speech, I teach you how to communicate your message on-camera with clarity and brevity.

For questions about my services, rates, or to set up a free consultation call, please feel free to email me at  Let’s see how we can work together to get your story out there!

All The Best,