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  1. I don’t know how your blog works, but I hope this gets to you Steph (I presume that is your name haha). Anyway, I read that “Race Ya” article that some individual had authored and though I did not agree with the author’s grouping of “White people,”…I am white, I am glad I read the article so I could come across your comments. Honestly, I COMPLETELY agree with what you were saying. I don’t want to restate and quote everything you had stated or suggested, however if I had the time I would because it was fantastic! Your asertions in my opinion should be communicated to more people and I hope you find a means of doing so. The way you constructed your writings, I guess you could call it your tone, so not to offend and take an extremist side I think is very big of you. I wish more people in that post (such as Duckhunter1) could have done the same, but instead most of the commentators exposed how the majority of our society is…simply put… grouped into socially constructed categories which are outdated. Anyway I feel if everyone took your “kill them with kindness” approach and held back on the generalized they vs us progression would be quicker. Also, I agree the party system SUCKS!!!!! haha. I guess I wanted to write this to tell you that what you wrote was inspiring to me and got me to think and be a little more understanding so keep doing what your doing the way you are doing it!!! ….Sorry for any typos I am notorious for those.

    1. Omg, Alex, I really hope you get this (I’m assuming that’s your name, right? Lol) Wow, I am so flattered. Thank you so, so much for that. First off, I want to apologize for the ranting that I did, with the curse words and all, lol! I just get so frustrated with all of this stereotyping, all of this anger. It’s not getting anyone anywhere. I have always treated people as individuals. Not as a generalization. I base my interactions with people according to my personal experience with them. Not how their ethnic group may act or treat people and I definitely don’t treat people according to what someone else says about them. I just don’t understand why that’s so hard to do. Why it’s so hard for people to just BE and just treat each person they encounter accordingly. I have friends from all over the world, all different ethnic, religious backgrounds and you know what I get? I LEARN something from each and every one of them! Imagine that! Lol! People don’t realize how much they’re missing out on by not having constructive dialogue and instead yelling, insulting, blaming and shaming. Thank you so much for this comment. You truly made my night. I hope you have a great holiday and please remember, that there ARE reasonable people out there. Apparently we just have to dig to find them. ❤ – Stephanie

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