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My name is Stephanie and I’m on what I like to call, Phase 2 of my life. Let me explain what I mean…

A few years ago I was pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. I’m a trained actor (I don’t prefer the term “actress,” never have, personal preference) and from 2005-2014, my life was consumed with obtaining career success; not fame, success…there’s a difference. Success in my eyes was the ability to support myself financially by doing what I loved. But this wasn’t my desire when I started out. My main goal of pursuing an acting career was to become the best that I could be, believing that if I just focused on the work then eventually the money would follow. However, somewhere along the way, I began to feed into advice I was given that I needed to be focused on making money, not being an “artist,” which led to an unhealthy perspective of how to move forward in my career. Instead of focusing on my growth as an artist, I became obsessed with booking jobs to pay my bills. All I thought about from the time I woke up to the time I went to bed was how I was going to book that next job.  So much so that it interfered with every aspect of my life. I didn’t spend money because I felt that every ounce I had needed to go to headshots or classes. I didn’t travel because I felt that if I was out of town, I would miss the opportunity to audition.  I can’t tell you how many family functions/events I missed because of this.  I was living in the mindset of, “I’ll do this or that when I ‘make it'”…whatever that meant.

Around 2010, some major things changed in my life. I moved from New York to Los Angeles and shortly after that move, I broke off an engagement. In addition to these two major life shifts, I was also unhappy with my chosen profession or the way I was going about it at least.  I guess you could say I was burnt out. Eventually, I realized that I was waking up every morning saying to myself, “there has to be more to life than this?” I was also asking myself, “Without the title of ‘Actor’ beside my name, who am I?” I mean sure, I was someone’s daughter, niece, cousin, friend, all that good stuff, but those things also didn’t define who I was as a whole. The fact that I couldn’t answer this most important question fully explained how I hadn’t trusted my own insticts to focus on doing the work instead chasing so-called”career success. I attributed my inability to trust myself to a lack of knowing who I was and the insecurity that comes along with that. I was having an eat, pray, love moment and didn’t even realize it, except I wasn’t trying to flee to India. If I knew nothing else, I knew that the God I served could be found right where I was, and thank goodness because I was on a budget!

So, in 2014, I jumped ship. I abandoned the pursuit of my career and hid out in the wilderness (like the Israelites, but with running water, electricity, and the Internet), in search of answers to what I consider to be life’s most important questions.  Of course, it was tough in the beginning because all I could think about was the fact that I had literally just walked away from every part of my life that I was building in order to “find myself.”  Who does that? Well, apparently I do, and I can honestly say today, my life is better for it.

There’s a scripture, Joel 2:25 to be exact, where God says that he will “restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten…” This is true. After some quiet time with God, some soul searching and healing,  I went from feeling like I had thrown everything away, to feeling like I had a brand new life, filled with new opportunities and endless possibilities! God showed me that he does have a plan for my life and it goes so far beyond a chosen profession.  

Which brings me to this blog…I have always had a passion for sharing my voice. I love to write, think, share what I’ve learned, as well as share some of the most ridiculous thoughts I have at times. I also consider myself to be a spreader of joy and I like to do that through making people laugh. I believe that is one of my God-given gifts and purposes. I pray that through reading my posts, you will be encouraged to think, laugh, and constantly be inspired to embark on an endless journey of personal growth.

So please, enjoy the ramblings of my mind and feel free to add your two cents as well in the comments section.

In addition to my brief testimony, here are a few little facts about me that you may find helpful. They are quite random but can come in handy if you want to send me presents:

  • I’m a Writer/Ghostwriter, and as of 2015, I dabble in a bit of stand-up comedy.
  • I’m passionate about self-awareness BUT, not self-awareness as in finding your most beneficial lighting angles for a stunning selfie. Self-awareness as in, introspection and individual responsibility, which ultimately leads to self-growth and positive contributions to our society.
  • I have a deep love for red wine (Malbec 1st, Cabernet 2nd)
  • I crave salty foods over sweets and sometimes I like potato chips for breakfast…don’t judge me.
  • I’m a small town, country girl who has lived in America’s 2 largest cities and realized I’m a true suburban girl at heart.
  • My mother keeps asking me for a Son-in-law and Grandchildren. If you know of any available, please mail them to her.

That’s about it. I hope that you find my posts helpful, whether it be for growth or humor and I hope that you come back often!

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  1. Stephanie,

    I understand that you are just getting the proverbial training wheels off of this bicycle called blogging, but I must say that you’ve laid the foundation for something consquential. I’ve enjoyed what you’ve tendered!

    Keep it moving!

    1. Thanks, love! I’m working on it! I’m still trying to get the format the way I want it so that I can focus on writing more. Between that, work and my freelance writing, I’m pressed for time this week but I’ll make it happen 🙂 Thank you so much for even taking the time to read the few posts I’ve put up so far 🙂 I’ll have a new one up in the next couple of days.

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