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Thank you for stopping by! I’m so glad you’re here!

A brief background of why I started this blog: A few years ago I made two major life decisions at the same time: I ended an engagement and walked away from the professional pursuit of my career…at the same time! Yes, during the years when most people are starting that next serious phase of their lives involving career advancement, marriage, joint bank, accounts and babies, I was pushing pause on EVERYTHING. Trust me, there’s nothing like a failing relationship and career uncertainty to make you have a “Come to Jesus” moment, and that’s exactly what I was experiencing.

Fast forward a few years later: I’ve learned so much about myself, things that you can’t really see clearly when you’re too busy in the thick of it all. I’ve had nothing but time on my hands to reflect on past experiences, the growth that was birthed from them, and how it’s all come together to make me into the woman I am today. A lot of my writing revolves around being single, self-growth, and ironically enough, what I’ve learned about myself in relationships while not being in one. But don’t let me fool you. As deep and introspective as I can sometimes be, I tend to find humor in even the most non-humorous situations.

I also felt the desire to speak to those ladies who are aiming to find the joy in being single and focusing on how it can be a beautifully beneficial thing. Too often I feel like I see people speaking to the audience of single women and they’re either trying to tell us how to prepare ourselves for the next relationship, or the complete opposite end of the spectrum: encouraging us to be so “strong” that we don’t need a man. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with the not needing part because I don’t need nobody but Jesus, honey. However, it is perfectly okay to desire love one day, but until that love comes, how about we just work on becoming our best selves for ourselves and for God? Because believe me when I say, I know there’s always some ME that I could be fixing!

With all of that being said, welcome again to my blog. In addition to my written entries, I’ll be sharing occasional videos because sometimes my facial expressions say more than my written words ever could!

Here are a few additional facts about me that you may find helpful. They are quite random but may come in handy if you want to send me presents:

  • I’m a Writer, an Actress (on hiatus), and as of 2015, I dabble in a bit of stand-up comedy.
  • I’m passionate about self-awareness BUT, not self-awareness as in finding your most beneficial lighting angles for a stunning selfie. Self-awareness as in, introspection and individual responsibility, which ultimately leads to self-growth and positive contributions to our society.
  • I have a deep love for red wine (Malbec 1st, Cabernet 2nd)
  • I crave salty foods over sweets and sometimes I like potato chips for breakfast…don’t judge me.
  • I’m a small town, country girl who has lived in America’s 2 largest cities and realized I’m a true suburban girl at heart.
  • My mother keeps asking me for a Son-in-law and Grandchildren. If you know of any available, please mail them to her.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephanie,

    I understand that you are just getting the proverbial training wheels off of this bicycle called blogging, but I must say that you’ve laid the foundation for something consquential. I’ve enjoyed what you’ve tendered!

    Keep it moving!

    1. Thanks, love! I’m working on it! I’m still trying to get the format the way I want it so that I can focus on writing more. Between that, work and my freelance writing, I’m pressed for time this week but I’ll make it happen 🙂 Thank you so much for even taking the time to read the few posts I’ve put up so far 🙂 I’ll have a new one up in the next couple of days.

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